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Posted: 06/26/2017
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Ball Busting , catheters , Peeing , Medical Fetish

Dan came from PA, this is his first time doing DEEP SOUNDING and CATHETER MILKING. He was introduced to me by another model from previous videos. First he started jerking himself to a HUGE cum shot (if you like big cum shots you should love what Dan produced in this video). After the huge cum explosion I started sounding his sensitive urethra for the first time in his life. Slowly, I begin inserting the sounding rod deeper and deeper inside of his urethral track, until my rod has passed his inner prostate and I started fucking him inside out, throughout the full play his hands are holding a tight and his body shivered in agony. During the last part of the sounding play I started forcefully jerking him off, as his cock become harder so as his agony and pleasure increased. When I pushed a large 20fr sounding rod into his now fully engorged cock, it pushed him to the maximum threshold…. One of my biggest fetish is milking a guy with catheter deeply inserted into his bladder, I decided to try this milking process on Dan. As I forcefully inserted the catheter into his full bladder I started milking him slowly. I think you want to see what happened next. Enjoy the video!