Misha Mystique

Dancing and Flexibility in Tight Yoga Pants

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Posted: 11/08/2018
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Category: Stretching
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Yoga Pants , Dancing , Toes , Legs , Foot/Shoe Fetish

I'm sweeping the entry tile when the music starts making me want to dance and stretch. I set down the broom and start stretching and dancing to the music. My tight yoga pants hug my muscular legs and perky round ass as I move, becoming sheer when I stretch them very far. I practice my toe pointing, letting you enjoy the arches of my bare feet. I practice my standing splits from various angles: pressed against the wall, freestanding with my foot up over my head. When I turn away from you to stretch, my black g-string thong shows through the thin fabric of my yoga pants and when I bend forward, the pants slip down to reveal it even further. Every time I raise my arms over my head, my loose sweater lifts up to show you my bare stomach and pierced bellybutton beneath. Shot in 1080p to soft electronic/downtempo/chill music with no talking. [ includes elements of: flexibility, yoga pants, dancing, toe pointing, barefoot, soles, high arches, pointed toes, ass fetish, stretching, thong fetish, whale tail, sweater fetish, ballerina, modern dance ]