Miss Kelle Martina

D***y's Big Surprise

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Posted: 07/28/2018
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Category: POV
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Role Play , School Girl , Older Man/Younger Woman , Taboo

What is it, D***y? You promised you had a big surprise for me! I did. I finished all my homework. You’re hiding the surprise in your pants? Whoa! It’s so big! Can I… can I touch it, D***y? It’s getting bigger when I touch it. What do you mean? I guess I can show you my boobies. They’ve gotten really big, haven’t they, D***y? You like looking at them? What if I sit in your lap? Are you rubbing it against my panties? It’s so big…

D***y, don’t go inside my panties, please! Oh no! You’re inside me, D***y! Oh, it hurts, but it... it kind of feels good, too. D***y, do whatever you want, I just want to be a good girl.

Taboo POV sex in every position.