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D1aper Wearing Loser boy

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Clip length: 00:11:12
Posted: 05/26/2017
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Category: Adult Baby
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D1aper , Wetting , Incontinence , Small Penis Humiliation

I picked up this gig to Nanny tonight, and when I show up I realize you’re a total freak.  Right off the bat it’s pretty apparent, you’re a d1aper wearing LOSER!  I bet you even have a teeny tiny little pee-pee too, don’t you?!  Aww, how cute!!  Oh and you even like to suck your thumb and coo like a little b4by, oooh! Hahaha!  Well don’t worry, I even came equipped with a brand new d1aper for you to wear all night.  I’m leaving you here in your d1aper to sit in your mess until I’m done partying at the club.  Have fun watching Pixar and soaking in your mess, little loser!