D Discipline

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Posted: 11/20/2015
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So I had the day off today, and get a call from the school telling me that my two girls have been fighting, and got sent home, I was pissed.

My dau, Alison and Willow, come home and have the nerve to lie to me and tell me that it was a half day. I take my belt off, ready to punish them, but they beg me not to, they tell me that they are too old for that kind of punishment, and tell me that they can make it up to me in other ways.

My girls are getting older, so I decide that they can try, I go to the bed and they follow and take off my clothes, then theirs.

They start rubbing on my body, then take turns sucking my cock, then Alison hops up on my cock and rides me, I show her how a man fucks and flip her over and pound her sweet pussy, but my Willow wants some too.

So Willow gets on top of me and rides my cock hard and fast, I flip her over and fuck her deep, then I sit both girls up and cover them with my cum!

Fetish Elements: Taboo, Explicit Sexual Content, Facial, Cumshots, Blow Job, Fucking, Discipline, Role Play, Younger/Older

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