Cuzin D@ughter D@ddi Lovin

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Posted: 03/17/2017
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Category: Fantasy

Cuzin D@ughter D@ddi Lovin

STARRING: Violet Monroe and Olive

Two cuzins fuckin on the bed, F-I-N-G-E-R-ING. First cums tongue, then comes Violet, then cums Olive, she’s glad she tried it! Violet and Olive have snuck away from their yearly Fam Gathering. They are eachothers favorite cuzins. They absolutely love the taste of eachother’s pussies, and they have just the bed to do it on, Violets overworked daddi’s. BUT what they didn’t expect was daddi to come home early from his business trip. There are rules in this house, and the rules are, no fucking on daddi’s bed without daddi. Daddi let’s his naughty d@ughter know she can get off with just a warning if she and her cuzin are willing to get off… with him.

Fetish Elements:Explicit Sexual Content, 2on1 Blow Job, Fondling, Lesbian Pussy Licking, Kissing, 2on1 Sex, Nudity, Posing, Body views, Foot Views

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