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Cupcake Crusher Part 1 - Monica Jade

Price: $7.99
Clip length: 00:08:14
Posted: 09/12/2018
File size: 235.34 MB
Category: Crush
Secondary categories:
Food , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Ebony , Legs , Foot/Shoe Fetish

Monica Jade has a dozen chocolate cupcakes that look and smell so good. This sexy lady does not want to eat them but wants to feel them squish under her cute soles. The frosting fills between her toes as she crushes it. She rubs the destroyed cupcake all over her feet.  The contrast of chocolate on her magenta toes makes a beautiful contrast.The camera looks up at her as she stomps on the flattened confectionary. She is lean and strong and loves to put her weight down. A little taste of her is yummy, but she prefers keeping it between her size 6 and a half feet!

OTHER KEYWORDS- Food and object crush,  Wet and messy, foot fetish, foot play,  calf muscle fetish, 6 ½,