Kayla Jane Danger

Cum Eaters Anonymous

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Posted: 06/13/2016
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Category: Cum Eating Instruction

This video will hit a nerve for sure and have you ready to take control of your dirtiest desires. That's right, I refuse to be relied on for your cum eating addiction. You need to man up and just admit you want to eat your cum, you desire the salty spunk in your mouth, dripping down your chin, while you swallow as much as you can. You come to me constantly for my cum eating instructions but more than that you come seeking permission to eat your own cum, you ask me to 'f***e you' to eat it... well we all know what that really means, it is exactly what you want. So come out with it ... get what you want, I will bring you to the edge but you must jump off that cliff yourself!

Goddess Kayla Jane Danger

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