Ceara Lynch

Cuckolding Age Regression

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Clip length: 00:08:17
Posted: 09/07/2017
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Category: Age Regression

Your girlfriend convinced you to come home early from work. She is so excited to see you, telling you about how horny she was all day and the numerous times she’s masturbated. She is very eager to get started and even offers you a pill that will enhance the sexual pleasure. As she begins to tease you with her perfect body, you can feel the pills effects taking over. Then, your girlfriend admits that she actually has a secret to tell you. While you were at work, she was snooping on your computer and discovered your Age Regression fetish porn. At first she thought it was hilarious, but after finding some magical pills that’ll actually make you younger, all she wants to do now is watch her boyfriend become younger and smaller until his prepubescent body has completely transformed into a tiny b@by. Your dreams of regressing in age have come true! I guess since you are a completely worthless man-b@by now, I don’t have to keep my own secret of fucking other men behind your back anymore. Now all I have to do is hire a sitter instead of waiting until you leave for work to have my other boyfriends over for a fucking good time.

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