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Posted: 04/18/2015
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Foot Worship

Cuckolded by Soles 

listen baby, I want you down on your knees at the edge of Our bed.  That’s right… you’ll be down on your knees, worshipping My soles as another man fucks My brains out.  you will love every second of it too.  I”ll make sure your hands are tied behind your back as you sniff My soles.  I know you LOVE the thought of being at My perfect soles while another man pleases Me.  Smelling My toes and soles… and if you’re really lucky I might even let you lick My soles as I’m being fucked.  this is your new position, and you better be ready whenever I want to get fucked.  From here on out, the only thing you will ever be worshipping is My feet while another man has his way with Me! 

Topics include: foot worship, foot domination, foot humiliation, cuckolding, financial domination, sensual humiliation, and more.