Ceara Lynch

Cuckold Story Time

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Posted: 10/13/2018
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I got fucked today, and it wasn’t by you! I know you want to hear all about how your girlfriend was fucked by a better man with a big long throbbing cock. You can’t stand the thought of me with another guy, but I know how much it turns you on when I talk about sex. I’ll tell you everything about what happened today. About how I played with myself for him, how his big hard dick stretched my pussy to its limit, and how much his load filled me up. You can’t help starting to rub your own cock, precum dripping through your pants. I want you to stroke to another man’s cock that fucks your girl. I’ve never seen you so horny, jealously aroused by your cheating girlfriend. I can’t even stop thinking about how amazing his dick feels against my gushing clit. Now I know I can fuck whoever I want as long as I come home and tease you about it until you lose your cum from my erotic sexcapades.

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