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Cuckold Husband - Physically Handicapped & Turned into a Cuck

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Clip length: 00:11:20
Posted: 08/02/2018
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Category: Cuckolding
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Casts , Lingerie , Humiliation

Oh My.. how unfortunate! You were involved in a terrible car accident and you’ve been left in a full body cast! I’m so distraught after finding out how bad it really is… you’ll be in this cast for an entire year!? OMG! How can I even deal with this?  I can’t go an entire year without sex!! You know what.. I have an idea… I’m going to find a guy who will fuck Me and you’ll just sit there in your full body cast and watch.  I mean, pleasing Me is the most important thing to you, isn’t it? Don’t you want to watch Me as I’m being pleased?  And you wouldn’t ever expect Me to be without sex for a full year, now would you?! Good… it’s bad enough that you’re completely incapacitated from this accident, but My sex life should never suffer.  I’m so happy we are on the same page, baby!