Ceara Lynch

Cuckold Duties

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Posted: 03/20/2018
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A husband should be devoted to his wife and please her anyway possible. He should be loyal, submissive, and be at service no matter the task. My hubby knows I “wear the pants” in our marriage. He understands I have constant desire for sex that he can never fulfill, so I get to invite fuck friends to our home once a week to perform his husbandly duties. Since you no longer can fuck your own wife, it’s about time you take-on new chores around the house as my cuckold. You’ll make the bed, before guests come over, provide us with condoms, buy champagne, then clean up our mess after. If you promise not to make a sound, you can even hide in the closet and watch some guy fuck your wife out of her mind. Stroking silently in the dark so you don’t bother us, and hoping you’ve done a good enough job to earn the reward of cleaning out my cummy pussy.

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