Devious Queen

Crushing your power

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Posted: 01/21/2016
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Blackmail Fantasy , Legs , Female Domination

I have been an accountant for this corporate for a while now and as time went by, Me and the CEO strangely developed a strong chemistry for each other. We got down to business one day and tried to have intercourse. That didn't go well, because I came to find out the powerful leader of the company has a micro penis. That is such a pity for a strong wealthy man like him to leave himself opened to a Woman like Me.Apparently he doesn't know what I am really made of . It's time to pay him a visit and make him be the sweet little mush for Me while I take over his office..

Female Domination, Small Penis Humiliation, Blackmail Fantasy, Humiliation, Femdom Pov, Masturbation Encouragement, Sensual Domination, Legs Fetish.