Creative Impulsive CBT

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Clip length: 00:16:54
Posted: 01/20/2018
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Category: CBT
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Femdom POV , Ball Busting , Orgasm Control

Usually, my CBT clips are very carefully crafted. I plan out how I want to torment your cock and balls, at what pacing, and in what order. But today I'm feeling creative, I'm feeling impulsive, and I want to see where this freedom takes my sadistic mind. I've had a little hunt around my hotel room for some implements to inflict pain on you with. You'll be impressed by how effortlessly I can turn an innocuous household object into a BDSM device ;) From there, my evil imagination is left to run wild, instructing you what to fetch & how to punish your dick & balls with it. There's lots of evil giggles and laughter, as I'm delighted thinking of how much pain you must be in for me. Don't worry, I'll let you stroke a bit too, and encourage you to do so in my shiny bodysuit, and if you're REALLY lucky, I'll even let you cum. **Note: I'm not telling you which objects to fetch in advance because part of my fun is imagining you frantically looking around trying to follow my every command. Rest assured, they are items that will be easily found in any home.