Couldn't Resist

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Posted: 01/19/2018
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Couldn't Resist

STARRING: Audrey Holiday

Audrey finally got an appointment with the hot, trendy masseuse. She heard he was a bit strange, but she chalked that up to him being foreign. He called her into the room and told her to disrobe, if she wished. She didn't expect to get completely naked in front of the masseuse, but she dropped her robed right away and climbed on the table.

The masseuse begins oiling Audrey's back and thighs. She starts to relax and melts into the table. Her serenity is soon interrupted by the masseuse's hand creep way too close to her pussy. She reprimands him and he calmly nods. Had she misread the situation? He is European, right?

As she's processing these thoughts, the wily masseuse taps the switch on his timestop watch and freezes Audrey in place on the table. Nude, oiled up, with only a small cloth covering her bum. With a smirk he discards the cloth and explores Audrey's cunt and asshole with his lubed hands. He uses Audrey like a fuck-toy. Stroked his oiled, hard cock on her hands, feet, and legs. Finally, he drags her to the edge of the table and shoves his throbbing dick deep into her throat.

He shudders as he thrusts his cock in and out of Audrey's sweet mouth. Her lips become sopped with drool, it hangs and falls to the floor. The masseuse grabs hold of her small neck with his large hands as he builds toward his climax. He moans as he shoots hot cum down her immobilized throat. After taken a moment to recuperate, he quickly repositions Audrey's body in the prior massage pose. He unfreezes her and briefly resumes massaging her. Noticing their time has elapsed, he says good-bye and exits the room. "Wow, what a massage. I must've dozed off.", Audrey thinks to herself as she gathers her clothes.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Massage, Groping, Timestop, Posing, Limb Play, Blowjob, Drool, Foot Fucking, Dragging, Rolling, Fucking, Body Views, Foot Views.

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