Ceara Lynch

Cosmo Sex Tips

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Posted: 01/05/2019
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I just read an article called “Hot Sex Tips to Drive Your Man Wild!” in the latest issue of Cosmo Magazine. There’s always lots of useful information about love, sex, kinks, achieving the best orgasm, and basically what men and women prefer. Well, turns out men love it in the ass. So I figured I can spice things up by sticking a giant pink dildo in my boyfriend’s ass. Don’t be scared, trust me you’ll love it. Having a big dildo in your ass doesn’t make it gay. Every man has a very sensitive prostate up there, it’s the like clitoris for men. I’ll massage you from the inside like when you fuck me. You won’t be able resist opening up your hole for me. Even your mouth will want some action from my big pink dildo, choking on it like a real juicy cock cumming down your throat. I bet you’ll grow to love getting fucked in the ass so much, you’ll let me whore out your faggot ass like a true slut.

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