Angel Lee Customs

Constance Cakp & Angel Lee's Neighbor Part 2

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Clip length: 00:11:09
Posted: 03/19/2018
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Category: Sleeping - Knockouts
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Big Tits , Lift and Carry , Brunette , Humiliation , Embarrassment

Angel Lee and Constance Cakp have a special guest that they never wanted. Scott has made sure that they don't wake up very long before he makes them go back to s***p. Angel struggles  and flails her legs before flopping into a pile on the sofa.

Being able to grope his neighbor's perfect body is the best revenge because she never noticed his existence. The fact that her friend stopped by is an added bonus. As this cute brunette awakens, he wraps his hands around her throat just enough to make her cross her eyes and go back to s***p.

He fondles their bodies but pulls Angel up so that he can dance with her limp body. Not wanting to ignore Constance, he lifts her up in a cradle carry before throwing her body on the sofa. They are so accommodating to his whims because they can't deny them, and he poses their bodies to his liking.

If only all women were this malleable.

OTHER KEYWORDS-limp fetish, s***p fetish, groping, male domination, Constance cakp, Angel Lee, Scott Torvea, dark hair, long hair, ragdolling,  humour