Angel Lee Customs

Constance Cakp & Angel Lee's Neighbor Part 1

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Posted: 03/19/2018
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Category: Sleeping - Knockouts
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Big Tits , Lift and Carry , Brunette , Blondes , Humiliation

Constance Cakp asks Angel Lee about the strange guy who is outside and before they realize what is happening, he comes up behind them and makes them go to s***p. Angel's body flops to the sofa and he lifts and carries Constance to the other couch.

He is offended that they would think he is creepy and will show them creepy! He pulls their shirts and bras off and gropes their helpless bodies. It is so much better to see them up close and personal instead of from outside the window.

When Constance awakens, he makes sure that she goes back out. He ragdolls her arms down and inspects her mouth by pulling on her lips. Now it is Angel's turn to wake up and he savors making her go completely still so he can yank down her panties to her knees. The two girls are dragged to the floor so that he can play with their bodies together. They look so nice when their bodies intermingle, but they both wake up which means it is time to go back to s***p.

These two brats would be so angry if they knew that he was leaving them in such an exposed state, but all they can do is lie with their mouths agape, and completely silent. Just the way they should be.

OTHER KEYWORDS- male domination, 

Constance cakp, Angel Lee , high waisted shorts, denim shorts,dark hair, long hair, ragdolling, Scott Torvea