Price: $10.00
Clip length: 00:10:10
Posted: 03/24/2017
File size: 437 MB
Category: Embarrassment
Secondary categories:
Dehuminization , Games , Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination

I'd be a custom customer that has spoken up to you, Goddess B, about being tired of being exploited by you . That I'm tired of shelling out money just because your beautiful. I've made clear that I'm done with this. You'd be seated and your so beautiful face would be the main focus.

You could briefly outline what I've said to you. Then take a warm stance saying things like how you do think I'm special and are open to carrying on a relationship without money being involved. Ask for reassurance that I find you attractive and want to do "this and that" with you (kissing, cuddling, licking, fucking etc) . You could say each activity and ask me if I wanted to do it. "you do want to kiss me don't you?" Moving on from pure lustful stuff.... Offer that if you only knew I wanted to, you could see us together in a romantic way (cuddling, warm kisses, etc.). That you'd even like to cook & clean for me and pamper me in so many ways. "if I only knew you felt the same way". "beyond the lustful things I know you want, I need to know that you love me too". Ask me if I love you, then ask me to say I love you, finally tell me that you need to know I'm need to hear it again. "say you love me". "we've established that you lust for and that you love me, now we need to establish one final fact"..... "Fuck You, you're a loser and I would never kiss or love you". you could say this however and as often as you like. " keep buying my clips and (your usual gift card pitch???? ). "now, you can take your loser broken heart, grow a real penis, and go find another beautiful woman to pay attention to you...or you can go fetch my gift card and be my loser bitch, fuck you"

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