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Posted: 01/22/2017
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Category: Burping
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Body Functions , Belly

One of my most popular old videos is once again available for purchase!

A mostly non-verbal video; I drink about 1 and a half litres of cola which fills my belly with air as well as with sweety, sugary liquid. I burp lots to release the gas before d******g more and more from the bottle to fill my belly up like a balloon. For some reason I bloat up far more during this video than I have done after consuming more liquid than this! It was really uncomfortable and I could feel all that cola sloshing around in my guts every time I moved. I felt like I had a water bed for a belly.

I massage my poor, swollen tummy a lot as the video goes on to try to help it settle and to push out the rest of the wind. You won't be able to believe how much bigger my belly is by the end of the vide - I look about 8 months pregnant! 

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