Goddess Rosie

Coercing My Boyfriend To Eat My Sheit (standard definition)

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Posted: 08/04/2017
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Your girlfriend is the new love of your life. You absolutely adore her and would practically do anything for her at this point in your relationship. You get so giddy over her and she really is the perfect woman for you.

You two have a blossoming relationship and it gets better every single day. You feel as if you really have gotten to know your girlfriend on a deep level. Good thing is, she feels the same way. So much so that she wants to have a serious talk with you a reveal something new about herself.

She feels she can trust you with her secret...her obsession. She feels as if you wouldn't judge her, as you have said countless times about how much you love her. She loves you too! It's time she let you in on her obsession. She wants you to be so much closer to her.