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Coerced into Cum Eating by your Boss

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Clip length: 00:10:56
Posted: 07/29/2018
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Category: Cum Eating Instruction
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JOI , Authority Figures , Cum Play , Ruined Orgasms

*Custom clip* Description:  “You call me into your office, in a professional outfit (tight skirt and collared shirt,glasses too if you can), and admit you find this intriguing. You tell me, that If i don’t follow your instructions you will reveal it to everyone. Not really humiliation from you, just dominating and deriving joy from watching me follow your orders. You instruct me to jack off, but when I’m close to cumming you actually make me ruin it in a cup. You tell me you’ll keep this for something you have planned, and to come back to your office in an hour or so. When I return you tell me I’ll really get to cum this time, but you actually get me to hold that previous load in my mouth. You coach me thru another session, maybe some slight fondling of your breasts as I go, which culminates in swallowing that load just before I’m made to cum in my own mouth, legs over my head, you standing over me. You then make sure I scoop up any misses and check that I swallow it. You then tell me to go back to work, but that I should expect to do this regularly if I want to keep the secret safe.”