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Coerced Bi PT 1: Suck a little

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Posted: 03/26/2017
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Category: Forced Bi
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Masturbation Instruction , Gay , Orgasm Control , Gay

You've been living a lie for so long you might actually be starting to believe you aren't a huge secret Cock lover! I know your secret, I know the hours you've spent purging on my Coerced-bi humiliation clips hoping it would change your big gay brain...not likely. Now you're ready to explore your dirtiest fantasies but not without the help of Wifey's dildo, you know the dildo she uses to fuck herself since you can't seem to get it up for the job or all that interested in it to begin. Wifey still doesn't suspect your gay secret and instead reflects it back onto herself sadly spending more time in the gym and salon not knowing you're spending more time jerking off to your secret gay fantasies. I am here to help you explore these desires one step at a time.

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