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Cockstomping a Mummified manflower's dick

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Posted: 04/25/2018
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Category: Ball Busting
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Trampling , Femdom POV , Female Domination

I wrapped a man in saran wrap and painters tape and taped a flower-shaped hat to their face. I snip a little hole in the mummy-wrap and pull out just their cock and balls for me to trample.

This particular manflower has a hard on for a thorough sneaker trampling all over their cock and balls. I stomp all over them for good measure. They've just dropped in before I head to the pool during a summer heatwave.

It's obvious I enjoy trampling cocks in any way, with restrictive bondage and sometimes humiliation or dehumanization.

Enjoy my sneaker stompy CBT Trampling Ballbusting play,