Mistress Salem

Cleansed and Reconstructed

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Posted: 05/31/2016
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Mesmerize , Mindfuck , Foot Worship , Magic , Femdom POV

I want you emptied, and then freed. I want you to take deep breaths of air, and continue breathing for Me. Find yourself entering a state of calm. Let go of the fears that hold you back. Continue breathing as I light My ritual candles to release you of your fears. I will free you to rely entirely upon the power of your will. I am going to cleanse your spirit. I need the power of your breath, which connects you to Me. I use My sage to removing any elements that impede the connection between you and I. Keep taking your deep breaths and say the magickal words with Me- the words that will free you forever.<br><br>

Air will meet fire. Come closer, as My spell becomes more powerful. Say the words with Me. Feel yourself lightening as you breathe your deep breaths. You are floating with Me now. Fire and air and Earth will connect, as I continue to perform My ritual and you say the powerful words with Me.<br><br>

Feel your weightlessness. Feel yourself emptied and free. Allow yourself the pleasure of being lifted. Now you are freed, like Me. I will cement the spell with you as you say the spell with Me, ritualistically anointing Myself with the blessed water. <br><br>

I wish to cleanse and reconstruct you in the image of Me. This spell I cast to set you free. You will no longer bear the burden of death nor fear the power of the law. You shall be lifted and float with Me. With air I cleanse Myself and thee. With fire I cleanse Myself and thee. With earth I cleanse Myself and thee. With water I cleanse Myself and thee.