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Cleaning My Flower While I Read

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Posted: 02/15/2019
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Cleaning My Flower While I Read (And Sniffing My Ass - Sneaky, Sneaky)

I've the best seat in the house - right on Steed's face. Like I tell him in this video (and all the time), it's what his face is for. His face was made to be smothered by my ass, his tongue made to be buried deep inside of me. 

So today, I continued reading 'War and Peace' while Steed lapped up my sweet Flower, ensuring it was nice and clean. After all, I had just arrived home from working for 8 hours. And 'War and Peace' is a long book; this means Steed has to remain buried down there for much longer than he is used to, as I like to finish chapters whole.

I sit on his face wearing one of my favorite black lace panties. Such a tease - he'll start to freak out if he can smell my ass and not access it. Since he's been a good Steed, I reach back and pull my panties aside, allowing him access to the Womanly Flower he is so very hopelessly addicted to.

You'll notice that yet again, Steed can't get enough of my pretty asshole. He loves staring at it and "marveling at its majestic beauty" (his ridiculous words). The entire time he was down there licking my Flower, he kept spreading my ass and trying to steal sniffs of my asshole. He thinks I don't know; how cute. As though I wouldn't know something. I'm his God - doesn't he know I'm omniscient?