Miss Melissa

Clean Up Agent

Price: $18.99
Clip length: 00:17:53
Posted: 10/22/2019
File size: 652.11 MB
Category: Executrix
Secondary categories:
Giants , Shrinking , Giantess , Amazons

I bust into the room, aiming my weapon with special shrinking ammo. No body = no questions, right? That's why the government sent Me to eliminate you. I shoot you. You shrink to my waist level. I shoot again, you are now tiny. Picking you up, I grab some tape and tape your weak body to the ground. I take pleasure in slowly crushing your weak helpless body as I mock you. Barefoot, I come down on your tiny body, describing what it feels like to smear you across the floor, one limb part at a time. No body left behind, remember? I take too much pleasure smearing you across the floor after I tracked you down.