Ceara Lynch

Circumcision T*****e

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Posted: 09/09/2017
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My b*****r is always such a big DICK. Always teasing me and making fun of me, especially one time when I had to go in for surgery and he humiliated me by telling everyone about my procedure. Well, I just over heard *** talking to his doctor about having to get circumcised soon. It seems my brothers foreskin is so tight his dick head can’t get out, so the doctor says she will have to cut his penis open. Nothing is more humiliating than getting your penis savagely mutilated, especially by a woman doctor. Talk about female empowerment! The best part is, the doctor recommends local anesthesia rather than a general form, which means the doc is going to be jabbing his cock with shots. My dick prick b*****r definitely deserves more than few pricks on his dick! I’ve been telling all my girlfriends about his re”cock”struction surgery. I can’t wait for him to get home from so I can remind him how painful his recovery will be, both physically and emotionally.

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