Chugging a Coke and Belching Out the Bubbles

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Posted: 04/20/2017
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I'm wearing my hot black lingerie and in the mood to be rude... I take a can of coke and look right at you, telling you what I'm azbout to do. You are left in no doubt of my intentions... I'm going to down that can in one and then belch all that fizzy gas back out at you. You're going to listen to every last burp that comes up from my tummy as it slowly deflates. You have no choice ;)

I open the can and start to drink. Just as I promised, I down it in one go, crushing the can to prove my point ;) The coke and the bubbles are all trapped isndie of my belly now and I can feel them fizzing around inside of me. I take hold of my gut and shake it around, feeling the fizzing get stronger inside of me. I can't wait to let out all that gas but first I want to hold it back for as long as I possibly can. My belly is bloated and stretched from all that wind and I love every second of the feeling!

Finally it's time. I stare at you as I launch lots of loud belches in your direction, one after another. That feels soooooo good! Ahhhh, the relief! The sensation of my belly deflating makes me want to run my hands all over it. I coax out the last of the wind and relax a little. The gas is all gone... but I sure can feel that hasty can of coke sloshing around inside of me! *burp* Excuse me!!

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