Annabel Fatale

Christmas Brainwash Special by Annabel Fatale

Price: $49.99
Clip length: 00:17:15
Posted: 12/08/2018
File size: 1017.88 MB
Category: Mesmerize
Secondary categories:
Mindfuck , Transformation , Hypno-Robo

Welcome to my very special FULL VIDEO Christmas Brainwash. Christmas and everything that surrounds it can become stressful or even tiresome so I want you to escape into my Christmas special, let me adjust what you associate with Christmas and spend the holiday season completely consumed by submissive thoughts. Your mind will constantly be triggered and reminded that you are a weak submissive, I’ll seduce you with my filthy knee high boots, my soft feet, my smooth legs, my voluptuous cleavage and of course, my beautiful eyes all of which will add up to your mind being played with in the most pleasant of ways causing triggers of submission everywhere you go this Christmas. I guarantee you’ll be weaker than the stitches on your badly knitted Christmas sweater!


FULL VIDEO - WARNING - This file contains flashing and may not be suitable for those who suffer from seizures. This file contains genuine psychological and Hypnotic technique and as such, should not be listened to while driving, operating machinery or carrying out any task that requires your attention. By purchasing this file you agree to accept all and any outcome, either positive or negative that may arise from taking part in this file.