Goddess Christina

CHRISTINAISM Pt 1: Your New Religion

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Posted: 05/28/2018
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Mindfuck , Sub Training , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Female Domination


The practice of worshiping your Goddess.Fulfilling your life’s duty. Your true purpose.

You will bow before me slave and turn away from all other false teachings. This is your church now. Your place. Right here. Your true purpose. You’re mine now. All MINE! You’ll join my army of slaves. I’ll work through you. Commanding you. Controlling you. Giving you direction. Everything you need is found in ME. You’ve felt my hold haven’t you!? You’ve felt it all along. What I do to your brain... your mind. The pleasure and the pain that I cause. All this power. I am your GOD! Your religion. You will worship ME! You will serve a very important purpose in this life. You will be used in a way that you never imagined possible. Pray to ME slave, work hard for me, give to ME! You will lose every ounce of selfishness inside you and devote yourself to ME. Your one true GOD!