Kelle Martina

Cherry Red Bottom

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Posted: 10/16/2018
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Category: Spanking
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Glove Fetish , Leather , Female Domination

I have my slave lying face-down in front of me. I ask him if his ass is ready for his Goddess. He says it is and we begin.

I start by slapping his ass hard with my leather-gloved hand. First slowly and then quickly. After a thorough round of spanking I take of my glove and squeeze his ass hard. It’s already starting to turn nice and red for me. The leather glove doesn’t seem to be leaving much of a mark, though, unfortunately. Let’s fix that…

Let’s move on to some bare-handed spanking. I spank his ass hard and fast before taking a moment to examine the marks and dig my nails in to his raw flesh. He has such a nice ass for spanking and I love watching his cheeks turn redder and redder.

I’m still not satisfied so I grab my paddle. I think all slaves need to be paddled every once in a while to remind them of their place. I spank him with the paddle as hard as I can before dragging my long nails across his swollen cheeks.

If he thought that hurt he’s not going to like what’s coming next. I grab my hairbrush. I happen to think my little hairbrush can be quite painful. It’s also good for brushing my hair so it really does double duty. As I’m hitting him hard with my hairbrush I start to him whimpering coming from below me. I can tell him making an effort to stifle his cries. He is a very good boy.

I rub the bristles of my hairbrush across his reddened ass then start hitting him with the flat side again. He can’t hold it in anymore. He really starts crying. His ass is so red and he’s weeping for me. I love it when boys cry for me.

To finish him off, I reach down and grab his balls and squeeze them tightly. He cries and struggles. He really has taken his spanking very well.

I love making boys cry.