Miss Kelle Martina

Cheater's Confession

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Posted: 06/30/2018
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Tease & Denial , Femdom POV , Oral Servitude

Honey, I have a confession to make. I cheated on you. Don’t be mad, please! I know you buy me diamonds, expensive shoes, fancy dresses, everything I want! I know when you married me that I would have everything I want, but there’s something that you can’t provide me. Yes, it was with my personal trainer. He’s just so strong and handsome and god he has the biggest cock I’ve ever felt inside me! He’s fucked me in ways that I never knew I wanted!

Sweetie, you’re not mad? You’ve always wanted this? Yes, he came in my pussy this morning. You want to taste it? You want to eat another man’s cum from my pussy? I didn’t know you’ve always wanted this, you should have told me sooner!

A hotwife discovering her power.