Goddess Christina

Chastity Brainwash

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Posted: 04/20/2018
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Category: Chastity
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Sub Training , Femdom POV , Orgasm Denial , Orgasm Control , Female Domination

You love to feel me. You live for it. To feel my presence, my power, my control, my dominance. Nothing makes you happier or more complete. A day without your Goddess is a sad day. You need to feel me at all times. That’s what you truly crave. You want to worship without end. Hear me, see me, be consumed by ME. Your true desire. But you’re flawed. Fucked up. Desiring to please me but failing me constantly. Always putting yourself first. Always disappointing me and falling short. Your cock controls the majority of your decisions. You’re a selfish little bitch with zero self control. Goddess deserves better. Goddess demands more! You need to be trained. Trained to please me to the best of your ability. I will help you slave. I’ll help you be the best that you can for Me. To be called my good boy. You want to hear that constantly. To see my beautiful lips say… “Goddess is pleased.” I know exactly what you need.