Worship Goddess Genevieve

CEO Genevieve Make the IRS Her Bitch

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Posted: 03/20/2017
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I am once again CEO Genevieve, dressed sexily in my elegant business attire and glasses. You are an IRS agent who tells me that you’ve come to audit me because Goddess Genevieve Enterprises has created a monopoly by taking over several other businesses and has not been paying any taxes on all the money I’m making! I start out kind of playing dumb and submissively following along with your demands to produce financial paperwork, but of course I also gradually reveal some cleavage, drawing your attention to my copious bosom, and slowly h*******e you with my irresistible CEO tits. As you’re falling under my titnotic power, I reveal that I’ve really been in control all along, and that it was always my plan to lure the IRS into investigating me so I could take control of one of their agents. Then, once you’re fully under and helplessly stroking your cock and staring at my dominating h***o-TITS, I tell you that you’re going to be my new mole in the IRS, helping make sure I never get audited again, and that all my competitors get audited instead. Then I tell you that for an IRS agent it’s not enough that you be merely my tit-slave like all the competitors I’ve taken over and turned into my minions, you need to be my completely subservient little bitch. Then I pull my skirt aside to reveal that I’m wearing a huge strapon, and command you to get on your knees, crawl over to me, and suck my gigantic strapon cock! You try to resist, saying you don’t do that sort of thing, but I just shush you and bounce and sway my tits hypnotically to mesmerize you even more until you can’t even think of refusing me. Then I order you again to crawl to me on your knees and suck my cock like my good little obedient IRS bitch, and you instantly obey. Then I lead you further and further under, degrading you a bit like you deserve and secretly desire, telling you that you’re just my owned little IRS bitch now, and that from now on you can only cum with my big cock in your mouth, and tease you with my strapon and tits to the point that you’re finally begging to suck my cock and cum for me! And when I lead you in a cum countdown, my strapon is in your mouth, fucking your face and thrusting down your throat on each number while you obediently stroke to a mind-obliterating orgasm. After you explode at my command, I order you to put your pants back on and get back to the IRS office and cancel your silly GG Enterprises audit right away. Oh, but on your way out you’ll find a list of my remaining competitors that you’re going to audit instead. That’s a good boy…