Devious Queen

Censorship board.

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Clip length: 00:13:46
Posted: 08/17/2016
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Category: Femdom POV
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Female Domination

Custom clip request:" You have heard that the censorship board (consisting of me and 3 other men) are considering banning your clips as the content involves the humiliation and domination of men. You have decided to pay us a visit at our office to change our minds. You sit in front of us, crossing your legs sexily. You completely dominate the room - you know you have us completely under your control. You proceed to humiliate us by suggesting that when we watched your clips, we all got throbbing erections and had to wank several times to relieve ourselves. To prove your point, you make us stand up and it's clear that you just being in front of us has made our cocks stiff again and we have pitched tents in the front of our trousers. You then stand, the slit in your skirt showing off your nylon-clad thigh. Your dominant and bitchy attitude is just making us more aroused and the front of our trousers now have damp patches where we are dribbling pre-cum. So we don't cum in our pants, you make us undo our trousers and start wanking. You comment on how it looks like we're only going to last a few seconds before squirting. You talk about how easy it is to turn men into helpless premature ejaculators. But then you threaten us by explaining if a man squirts without your permission, you knee them hard in the balls.You order us to wank faster and faster. As you do so, you mock us by imitating the frantic jerking motions of our hands and the desperate, stupid looks on our faces as we masturbate to you! You notice that I have taken my hands off my dick, as just one more pump will make me cum. In a strict voice you order me to continue wanking. However your dominant attitude was enough and I cum all over the floor, without even having to touch it again. It's all too much for the rest of the men and they all start squirting as well, before falling to their knees in front of you. The clips ends with you towering over us - 4 panting, thoroughly humiliated men. This is why your clips are so successful!"

Leg Fetish, Ballbusting Fantasy, Crossed Legs Fetish, Female Supremacy, Powerful Woman, Humiliation, Female Domination