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CBT SLAP-ALONG 2: Skewers and Squeezing

Price: $14.99
Clip length: 00:15:28
Posted: 08/02/2018
File size: 1.33 GB
Category: Ball Busting
Secondary categories:
Femdom POV , Corporal Punishment , CBT , Female Domination

Ready to follow along with another CBT SLAP-ALONG adventure with me? Of course you are!!  Follow along with me playing with a favourite CBT tool on my strap-on!  All you need is a handful of wooden/bamboo BBQ skewers or one package. 

Experiment with:

- Spikey bits!

- Percussion

- Squeezing and Rolling

- Tasks with timers

- CBT countdown

- Restriction (CBB/ ball bondage optional)

YES! Beat it around for me just a little bit till you get a nice sting for Me! That's a good boy.

~ Contessa Zoe Aspasia ~