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Captain America: Hydra-boob Assault! PART ONE

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Posted: 09/12/2016
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This is PART ONE.

Avengers: Age of Busty Femdom Enslavement, Scene 2! In this epic clip, the sexy villainesses of The League of Busty Femdom continue their quest for galactic fem-domination by enslaving the Avengers. These dominant DD-cup babes can defeat even the mightiest superheroes by entrancing them with their huge brainwashing breasts and weakening them into slavery by draining their heroic powers with multiple cum countdowns. In this clip, you are the first Avenger: Captain America himself! You’ve penetrated HYDRA’s top secret headquarters to come face to face with the villainous organization’s incredibly curvaceous supreme leader, Madame Hydra herself! You’re out to do what no other hero has been able to accomplish: overcome the mind enslaving power of Madame Hydra’s hypnotic hydra-boobs and defeat the voluptuous arch-villainous. She has enslaved every hero she’s faced by draining their cum and free will with her irresistible breasts, but you’re completely confident, as your teammate Thor has warned you about her hipno-boob powers and you have a fool-proof plan. Since you have superhuman stamina and can regenerate, you know you can recover right away from her cum-draining breast entrancement and not be enslaved permanently. As you gaze upon her incredibly sexy low-cut dress and breath-taking cleavage, at first your supersoldier self-control allows you to resist her mesmerizing breast coercion. But as she leans toward you to reveal more of her amazing bosom, you find that even you don’t have the willpower to resist and are soon falling under her power, and you obey her command to pull out your enormous superhero cock and stroke to her fantastic cleavage. As she counts you down, you stroke to a staggeringly powerful orgasm that is worthy of a superhero. But, as you expected, you are able to regenerate to recover right away from her breast brainwash and not be enslaved permanently! Restored with super human speed, you tell Madame Hydra to surrender: you’re no longer affected by her powers and it’s all over for her. But wait…not so fast, Cap. You see, you didn’t count on just how brilliant and powerful this supremely stacked villainous is. Before you can react, she pulls the top of her dress down completely, revealing the source of her spectacular bosom’s power: a hypnotic HYDRA tattoo emblazoned on each enormous breast! At the sight of the mystical symbols on her bountiful boobs, your giant superhero cock is instantly rock hard and you’re helplessly stroking for her once again. As you stroke, the brilliant and stacked villainous reveals that she has discovered your weakness: if she entrances you and makes you cum multiple times with no rest, she can overcome your regeneration power and drain you completely. She’s discovered that the super serum that gives you your powers can be drained from you in your cum, so if she completely drains every last drop of your cum by making you orgasm for her repeatedly, all your super serum will be drained away too, leaving you powerless and enslaved, another brainwashed drone to help carry out HYDRA’s world femdom plans. Oh no, it was a boobie trap all along, Cap! Unable to resist, you stroke obediently to her countdown and cum for the second time, this time blasting your heroic load right onto her hypnotic hydraboobs. Exhausted but still defiant, you tell her there’s no way she can make you cum yet again. That is, until she begins to mesmerizingly sway her irresistible, tattooed titties back and forth in front of you, h*********g you completely with their power. Once more unable to resist, you obey her command to hand over the symbol of your own power, your shield! As you find yourself rock hard and stroking for her super-powered hydra-boobs yet again, she tells you that you’re going to demonstrate your new loyalty to HYDRA by shooting your final heroic load right onto your own shield. Then, with you her new powerless and enslaved minion, no one will stop The League of Busty Femdom from achieving their final goal: total world domination by busty, femdom superbabes! With your mind now completely controlled by the incredible power of her tattooed bosom, you must obey, and you can already feel that third big load on its way for her titanic titties… Can Cap use his superhuman powers to withstand Madame Hydra’s HYDRA-boob attack and finally defeat the curvy supervillainous, or will he succumb completely to her brainwashing breasts and scream “Hail HYDRA!” as he cums on his own shield? You know how to find out…