Ceara Lynch

Can You Last

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Posted: 02/16/2019
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Category: Masturbation Instruction

There’s only so much you can do when your sensitive cock cums with the slightest bit of teasing. It doesn’t take long for you to shoot your load, and no one likes a 2-pump chump. I can teach you some stamina training that will help extend the pleasure. I can’t believe you’ve never learned how to edge yourself. This is the problem when a boy never grows-up, always addicted to porn and jerking off. No wonder you can’t last. I’ll teach you to make the most of your orgasm. You need to learn to control yourself. To slow your stroking speed, adjust your grip, tease yourself closer to the edge, instead of just ruining it with a quick jerk. A countdown to cum will teach you when it is time to shoot your load. Then, reversing the countdown so we can keep you up for hours and find out how much longer you can last. Your stamina will be so enduring that you’ll have to beg me to let you cum.


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