Buy This Clip If You're Still A Virgin Loser

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Posted: 05/13/2017
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If you're still a virgin you need to buy this clip. You deserve to be ridiculed and mocked for your inability to get laid let alone get a girlfriend. I find it hilarious that some of you are in your 30's & 40's and are such sad little virgin losers. Even more hilarious, this actually turns you on! Yep you're going to sit there and stroke than boner of yours senseless whilst I mock, degrade, ridicule and humiliate you. Laughing at you showing you what you will never have - you wouldn't know what to do with a hot babe, instead you just jerk & pay. Suits me fine as I have no other use for you. I wouldn't even humiliate you for my amusement for free, pathetic virgin loser boy.