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Burgled and Booted - HD

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Clip length: 00:09:26
Posted: 02/13/2019
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Category: Super Heroine
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Latex , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Brat Girls , Boot Domination

The year is 2025 and planet earth is in danger of being over run by a group of evil, merciless Superheroines! Catwoman, the greediest of the Dominas, is on a robbing spree. Taking from the rich and keeping for herself. She loves nothing more than expensive jewellery and uses all of her charms to get whatever she wants.

As someone who has worked for the things he owns, you are not about to let some latex clad feline take everything own... Right?

Think again wimp, because the stunning ALPHA Catwoman and knows exactly how to weaken your mind and seduce you into handing over WHATEVER she desires... She uses every curve of her perfect body to turn you into her weakling and after seducing and BRAINWASHING you into handing over your prized possessions, she decides to prize away your dignity, by turning you into her BOOT BITCH!