Ceara Lynch

B*****r S****r Findom

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Clip length: 00:10:05
Posted: 07/06/2018
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Category: Financial Domination

Break-ups are hard on everyone. When my little b*****r had his heart broken by his recent girlfriend, I knew the only thing to cheer him up would be to tell him the truth about me knowing all along about their twisted relationship. I could tell there was something different about her, I mean that bitch used him only for his money. My bro is such a nice guy, generous and naïve, he is so easy, quick to rollover and make you happy. After doing some research, I discovered that she wasn’t just his girlfriend, but actually his FinDom. What a dummy! You can’t make a girlfriend out of a FinDom, he should’ve kept those separate. Lucky for him, I can help keep his love and kink lives separate. Now that she’s gone, I can be your new FinDomme. It’s perfect, we are f****y so you can focus on fucking other girls and finding yourself a new romance and just give me all your money until then. So in the mean time why don’t you make your loving s****r happy and start paying me an allowance, after all I’m the one who is always there for you.