Ceara Lynch

B*****r Loves Big Butts

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Posted: 10/15/2017
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Category: Ass Worship

Every time I turn around, I catch my b*****r checking out my ass. That’s so wrong for my b*****r to practically be drooling over his own s****r. But I know my bro loves girls with big butts like mine. He just can’t get enough. I swear that lustful look in his eyes really wants to taste my ass, to lick my crack and bury his tongue deep into my sweet and sweaty hole. He is such a gross freak! I can’t help taking advantage of him since I know how much he wants my ass. I can make that boy do anything. All I have to do is shake my booty and he’s like putty in my hands. I’m such a nice s****r letting him worship my ass. Just don’t let *** and *** find out!