Goddess Christina

Bratty CBT Game: Beating Up Your Balls

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Clip length: 00:16:01
Posted: 06/30/2017
File size: 480.33 MB
Category: Ball Busting
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Masturbation Instruction , Femdom POV , Brat Girls , CBT , Female Domination

It’s time to beat up those pathetic worthless balls of yours. I just love fucking you up. I love the fact that you can’t help but think of me 24/7 as your balls are red, swollen, and aching for me! I make you hurt like no one else can. I don’t only leave physical pain on your body but also that mental pain of knowing that I have no remorse for the marks I leave. None whatsoever! I’m such a mean brat that loves watching you act like the total loser and idiot that you are. Now let’s play my fun little game of beating up your balls. I do such a good job at it. I promise I’ll make it hurt real good!

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