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BRAIN TAKE OVER -Sexy Foot Fetish and Obsession!

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Clip length: 00:13:18
Posted: 11/07/2014
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Category: Goddess Worship
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Foot Worship , Toes , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Femdom POV

An old classic at Half Price !

Foot FREAK LOSER! Feeds his Addiction! Acting really nice and sexy :) How about Enchanting the viewer into giving them a foot fetish? One that makes it impossible to get hard for anyone but you. First talking about how perfect and beautiful your feet are (showing the tops with the polish). Making them repeat over and over (again and again) that they are in love with your feet. That nothing else turns them on (again and again). Maybe 10 times at least! Then once they are in a good t****e you get evil and diabolicle (which is really hot). The camera focuses on your big toe and you tell them to suck on it... and stroke at the same time. You explain that a new fetish will now get deeply seeded in them forever! (This is because you know the real secret to giving a fetish... Its takes double stimulation) Sucking on your big toe (that they now find so beautiful and sexy) and then cumming at the same time; works everytime. In fact, you permanently embedded this fetish in many of your slaves brains! You tell them that soon they will be just like all the other Enchanted foot slaves! Once the viewer cums, they have this fetish forever and only can get hard for you! Nothing else turns them on anymore! Then you can make them your slave and financially own them! Make them tribute, buy clips, presents...anything! Make them watch the video over and over everyday in the morning and evening! Tell them that they will dream about your feet all day and all night! That is now normal so get used to it.....hahahaha (evil laugh)

This clip contains Masturbation instruction, control, tease, deny, orgasm control, cum eating instructions, humiliation, domination, femdom, POV, powerful woman, foot fetish, toe nail polish, toes, wiggling, spreading, pointing, ARches, and soles...

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