Ceara Lynch

Boyfriend Gets A Circumcision

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Posted: 10/21/2017
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Category: Humiliation

I think it’s finally time for my boyfriend to get his dick circumcised. He’s always fantasizing about getting one, but getting that procedure as an adult can be quite stressful and VERY painful. I just want to make my beau happy so I arrange for him to finally see a doctor about getting his cock snipped. I know he will be too nervous to go through with it, so I will be in charge to make sure he is a MAN and follows though with the operation. I’ll pick the doctor, tell them how I want it to look, and even help with your recovery. But don’t expect any bedside favors, the doctor says it’s very important that you avoid getting aroused or your penis could end up with scars. Don’t worry, I’ve got everything under control…