Luna Lain

Body Swap Is Hard Part 1 - Luna Lain

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Posted: 06/28/2018
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Role Play , Magic , Redhead , All Natural

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Luna Lain debates with her boyfriend about who makes more money. In addition to having a good job, she has to wear heels and wear makeup. She naps and awakens transformed as her boyfriend in her body. What's happening?

It's a shock to have long, red hair and a pussy in panties! Running to the bathroom, it's amazing to be in someone else's body! Pulling up the shirt, he recognizes those perfect tits! Running to the bedroom, he starts to call Luna, but remembers to use his number. They debate about how the body swap happened.

Luna needs him to go to the interview, and he's arrogant that he can do it without any prep. He scoffs at her suggestions on what to wear because her job isn't hard. The women in his office wear sexy clothes when they want something, so he puts on a lacy black thong. A skimpy bra is confusing because he usually takes them off, but he gets it on. He throws on different outfits but thinks they are too conservative. Girls need to look hot and he finally puts on a skimpy shirt and spandex skirt with the thong exposed. A high pair of stiletto ankle boots finish the look but are uncomfortable. If women can wear them everyday, it should be easy for him to do so. As soon as he stands, he struggles to get his balance.