Boat Bloat and Burps

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Posted: 06/26/2017
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It was a baking hot day on the boat and I was desperate not to become dehydrated so I grabbed 4 cans of coke and out them into my round, chubby belly!

Opening the first can, I welcomed the cold drink and fizzy bubbles on my tongue. It didn't take me long to down the whole can without burping once! As I crushed the can I started to realise how bloated I was feeling. The air inside of me kept travelling up and down my chest, making me very uncomfortable and also creating a highly embarrassing noise but I wasn't going to let any of it out yet. I was determined to do something I hadn't managed before and down a second can before letting myself burp!

The second can was far harder to get down than the first and I moaned and groaned about the gas bloating me out. I felt about ready to pop when I finally managed to f***e down the last few sips!The skin was stretched taut across my stomach and the pressure was so great inside me that I found it hard to let the build up of air actually come out but eventually the first massive burp burst free! More soon followed. the more gas I let out, the more relieved I felt! However, not everyone was as happy as I was... a goose who'd been honking away outside of the window was scared away by my gas! Oops!

I sipped the third can little by little, burping as I went along. By now my belly was sloshing from side to side as I moved and starting to feel very heay. I pulled the camera closer for you to see my swollen tummy close up as I rubbed and caressed it. Finally it was time for the fourth and final can... and another challenge for myself!

I have never been good at downing things down in one. I always need a break to breathe and burp! But this time I successfully downed the can down in one go! By now my whole belly felt horrible! I was bloated, sloshy, gassy and swollen. All I could do was to burp and rub my gut, hoping to relieve some of the discomfort. By the end of the video I felt a little better but not that much.

I'm sure you can probably guess that I spent the next few hours cradling my bloated belly and bemoaning all the fizzy coke that sloshed about inside of me every time I moved... At least I wasn't dehydrated! ;)

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