Kink 305

Blowing d***y after the club!

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Posted: 09/29/2018
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D***y knows that Veronica Valentine was out being a slut at the club on south beach. She thinks that she can do as she pleases with no consequences but d***y has a better idea! She is laying there tired from the club when d***y catches you still dressed like a slut. You know she was a bad girl and he wants to make you pay for having so much fun. She lets you play with her nice firm tits and then you suck on her perfect hard nipples. Knowing how much fun she had at the club she lets you work your way down to her very wet pussy. Dripping wet she has you eat out her pussy til you make her cum! She really loves how d***y makes her cum all over his face! Veronica knows that she wants to keep going out and have a lot of fun on south beach, so the best thing to do is make d***y really happy. She feels your rock hard cock for her and pulls it out to suck on. She takes your cock deep down into the back of her throat and makes it really sloppy. She sucks on your balls as she strokes your cock and spits on your tip making it even more messy. Using both hands on your rock hard cock she has you cum inside her mouth so she can play with it ans slowly spit it all over her hard nipples!

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